Find freelancers to help you with your projects


Upwork helps you find freelancers. If you're looking for candidates, you'll typically need to post a job and either wait for applications or also browse freelancers and invite them to apply for this job. 

You can evaluate freelancers by reviewing their Upwork profile. Each freelancer in our marketplace has an Upwork profile. It can include work experience and samples, client feedback, skills test scores, and much more. Freelancers can have tags such as Top Rated and Rising Talent programs. 

Once you hire your freelancer, you'll be able to check on his/her work by obtaining screenshots of their computer screen during their work hours. You can pay your freelancer by the hour or by fixed price for the entire project.


Pricing varies upon the freelancer and job completed.

Hiring client pays a processing fee of 2.75% per payment.
Freelancer pays a sliding service fee of 5% to 20% based on the lifetime billings per client relationship.