Store your tasks, notes, and ideas in one place.


Toodledo is a productivity tool that helps you stay organized. Its numerous features can make its design slightly overwhelming for first-time users.

Its main features are tasks, notes, outlines (for project planning), lists and habits. 

Tasks: Create to-do lists with features like folders, tags, context, subtasks, filtering, search and alerts.

Notes: Write notes, place them in folders, filter them by alphabetical/date added/etc., use html tags to style your text, add timestamps.

Lists: Build lists for any purpose and add customizable fields. 

Outlines: Helps you organize your ideas and planning by breaking down items into hierarchical structures. 

Habits: Record your progress each day and see continuously updating graphs and charts


Free plan includes access to all main sections (tasks, notes, outlines, lists and habits) with limited functionalities and items per section (e.g. 30 items per list).

Paid plan starts at $14.99 per year.