Royalty-free photos, vectors, music, and video footage.


Shutterstock has grown to be a massive stock image provider but has kept the edge in offering images that remain trendy and interesting. Users can select amongst photos, vector images, illustrations, icons and even footage and music. If you're looking for inspiration, search their curated collections which group pictures around similar themes.


Shutterstock Editor is Shutterstock's design tool. It enables you to search Shutterstock's wide collection from within the application, customize it and turn it into high quality digital marketing content.


Shutterstock has different licenses (i.e. telling you what you are/aren't allowed to you) based on your plan.


Paid pack starts at $29 for 2 images. 

Monthly plans available starting at $199/month for 350 images, with a standard license (which has limitations such as physical reproduction restricted to 500K copies and to be used on video production budget of up to $10k).