Gives you a snippet of someone's LinkedIn profile in your Gmail browser


Rapportive provides you with your contacts' LinkedIn details straight into your Gmail account. Say you receive an email from John Smith. Rapportive will show you John's LinkedIn image, title, description, common contacts and whether you're connected or not on LinkedIn. When you compose an email, Rapportive will also extract your recipient's LinkedIn information.


Rapportive does this by searching/matching email addresses in LinkedIn. In our example, if John did not use his same email address for LinkedIn, Rapportive won't be able to extract his profile.


However, this also means that if you write to an email address such as "hello@companyABC.com", Rapportive might be able to extract a LinkedIn profile if someone has linked this email to their LinkedIn profile. (You might be surprised to see how often this is true). 


Completely free :)