Find freelancers for your jobs


Freelancer is a website that connects freelance workers to customers needing work done. It has a very wide range of freelancing jobs, going from anything requiring on-premise workers (bamboo flooring, car washing) to remote jobs (business plan writers, developers, designers).


You'll have a few ways in which you can hire developers: 


- Search keywords and browse freelancers: you'll be able to view their rate, star rating and their profile.


- List a project: describe your project and the skills needed. Post your budget, either a set budget or an hourly rate. (You can pay extra and ask a Freelancer recruiter help you find the best candidate).


- Host a contest: describe what you need to get done, give as many specification as you can, set your budget (how much will the winner get) and decide whether you'll guarantee a winner (i.e. you can either select to guarantee a winner, therefore pay the top contestant no matter what -or not. This will affect the number of submissions you'll get.). Then simply decide for how long you'll be running this contest and let entries get submitted to pick the best.


- Post a local job: give the location where the job needs to be done and see what professionals around you would be the best fit.


Pricing varies.