Generate perfect color combinations for your designs.


The color scheme generator is a simple yet incredibly well-designed website (and apps, on iOS and Android) that allows you to quickly browse through color combinations. Start the generator to load your first colors and hit the spacebar to generate the following set. If you see a color you like, lock it and keep on hitting on the spacebar to load new sets to match your locked-in option. Upload a picture to find colors from it. If you'd like to see a whole lot of color sets all at once, their "Explore" section allows you to do just that. Finally, if you're curious to know how various forms of color blindness can make these colors look, the options are also there for you to try.


You can also purchase the add-on to integrate with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or the Coolors app for iOS and Android.


The website is completely free :)

Adobe add-on can be purchased for $5.
Android app: $0.99
iOS app: $2.79