Find the most popular and shared articles and other content


BuzzSumo helps you find what has most "buzz", that is, what is most popular. You can use it in a few different ways to do so.


Search box:
You can use its search box to type in a topic to find the most shared articles containing this topic or you can also type a domain (e.g. to see the most shared content of that domain. If you're looking for the top influencers for a topic, BuzzSumo can also tell you that.


Trending now:
 You can see what is trending now in various topics (news, tech, business, etc.) or you can even create your own "Trending Feed" with your desired keywords. This is a fine option if you're looking for content to share on your own social media feed.


And more:
Backlinks, content analysis reports, monitoring and the Facebook Analyzer tools are also available with a premium plan.


Limited of daily searches for free.


Plans start at $99/month for 1-5 users.