by Aïko Thurlow
on June 02, 2017

How a startup got its legal documents for free

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When Amer Farroukh cofounded TodLog last year, he worried about the legal cost involved. “From a legal standpoint, our startup is challenging. We’re dealing with children’s information so it gets serious very quickly.”

Amer runs TodLog, a child care app for daycares to document children's activities, send daily reports and communicate with parents in real-time. Upon starting it, he quickly noticed how security was a top concern. “It’s one of the first things everyone asks about,” he explains. Security involves not just having a highly secure app but also having a solid privacy policy.

“We started looking into hiring a lawyer but prices were so steep that we kept on pushing it back.”

At around the same time, one of TodLog’s co-founders proposed that his son’s daycare joins them as a partner. “We offered LaSalle College’s daycare to build the app based on their needs and let them use it for free. In exchange, we asked to promote the fact that they’re using our daycare software,” he explains.

“We were really excited that they accepted to work with us. But when they said yes, we also realized that we had to come up with a partnership agreement, on top of all our other legal documents.”

That’s when Amer gave LawDepot a try.


LawDepot is a site that helps you create legal documents, forms, and contracts. You first select the type of document you need, answer questions and voilà: within 5 to 10 min, your tailored legal document is available for download.



“As a bootstrapping startup, it would have been really difficult for us to afford all these legal documents without a tool like this,” admits Amer. “They had a free trial for the first week. I won’t hide that we tried to create as many documents as we could during that time!”


“As a bootstrapping startup, it would have been really difficult for us to afford all these legal documents without a tool like this ”

- Amer Farroukh, TodLog co-founder


It’s good to note that you can create documents without signing up but, if you want to download them or copy text, you’ll need to create an account (and provide your credit card number). However, your account with LawDepot can be cancelled at any time, including during their free trial period.

Another legal headache LawDepot solved for TodLog was the variation in legal documents based on geography. “Our first client was in [the province of] Quebec so we had our documents based on Quebec’s regulation. But as we’re a Toronto-based startup, we also wanted to cater to daycares in Ontario [our own province] to be closer to our clients. Quebec and Ontario have different regulations which meant that we needed a whole new set of legal documents.” LawDepot made this quite simple. Location is asked in the questionnaire and adjusts your document accordingly.

Amer also shared, “Surprisingly, a nice thing about using LawDepot is that it ended up educating me on how to write legal documents. Obviously, I’m not an attorney but because I created so many documents using it, I started to wrap my head around the main components that are needed and feel more comfortable with legalese.”

Amer ended up using LawDepot for many of legal documents including shareholders and directors resolutions, contract and partnership agreements, loans and purchase agreements.


Extract of the types of documents LawDepot can help you with


When your startup is just getting on its feet and when you’re still at the stage of validating your idea, online legal tools like LawDepot, Shake or Rocket Lawyer can be lifesavers. They’ll give you protection without hefty fees and, and if you’re quick enough, you might even get it all done using their free trial.

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